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No, really. I think about baseball all the time.


I started this space because I needed a place where I could gush with wild enthusiasm over my beloved Houston Astros and thereby avoid alienating all my friends and family. Do not expect carefully considered statistical analysis, though I enjoy carefully considered statistical analysis, and really, I think there's probably a point to be made about Jimy Williams' tendency to let Roy Oswalt go too deep into games and his unnatural obsession with the anemic bat of Jose Vizcaino.

But no. I am not a statistician, and I haven't actually played baseball myself in years. I should probably mention that I am a chick, however, and as someone mentioned on Baseball Primer a while back, this means that as much as I may enjoy the game of baseball, I cannot help but consider the interpersonal dynamics of the players on the field. So sue me, all right?