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Ah well. Yep... it was quite the comeback... 36-10, 3-2, 3-4. Not a bad two months of baseball... from mid-August to mid-October. I just wish it had gone into late-October... just this once.

The Red Sox are my second fave team, so I'll be rooting for them in the Series. But if the Cards win the WS, at least it'll bring some more respect to the NL Central.


Argh, I am sorry for your sake. And I hope you are feeling better.


All I can say is this:

I was there when Bob Knepper took a 3-run lead into the top of the ninth against the Mets in Game 6, knowing that Mike Scott would easily win Game 7.

I was listening on the radio when Nolan Ryan took a 3-run lead into the eighth inning against the Phillies in Game 5.

I was there when Kevin Bass struck out with the bases loaded as the Astros lost by a run in 1986.

To be an Astros fan is to know the torture that only a Cubs or Red Sox fan can understand, except WE'VE NEVER BEEN TO THE WORLD SERIES!!

Best wishes to you TLAG, but I too must "toss my cookies" tonight.


A Cubs fan here, expressing my condolences. I was pulling for you guys.


I'm sorry, sweetie. That they came so close, that they started so promisingly.

Feel better. Healthwise, and baseball-wise, too.


I truly feel your pain this day. Your team played a great series. The entire NLCS was fun to watch, very dramatic and above all, exciting.
Some great players on both teams played wonderfully. It was good to see Bagwell play well in the post season, I hope that the Astros can keep Beltran as I'd hate to see him in Pinstripes. Make a note to Drayton about this, willya? Ok, thanks.

Some fun players to watch in the Astros future.

Scott G. F.

O TLAG. I'm so sorry that your team's season ended last night. I can relate (Cubs)..

Congrats on a wonderful season. You went from not even thinking about the playoffs to roar back, take the WC, finally win a playoff series and go to game 7. You have a lot to be proud of. The pain does go away. There's no puking in baseball! (wink).


Yet another Cub fan giving you her condolences...I was pulling for the 'stros.


Speaking only for myself, the worst thing about the Cardinals eliminating the Astros is that your postings here won't be nearly as frequent for a while. Nuts.

Before you get fed up with all us Cubs fans coming out of the woodwork and chase us out of your kitchen, I just want to say this: Get a grip on your insides, kiddo, and remember -- pitchers and catchers report in less than four months.


Great win, Cardinals.

Great season, Astros.

Great blog, hirsch. I was hoping that you wouldn't be crushingly disappointed -- your team did so well and they were great all the way. I am so glad they made it into the championship series.


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