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One of the leading sports talk stations here in Dallas has dubbed Scott Boras "The Baseball Antichrist" With the Rangers still stinging from the A-Rod mess, I think they are purging their ranks of Boras clients. Texieria's contract is up after next season, and I don't think the Rangers will play the game of trying to outbid themselves.


I'm much higher on Mike Cameron than you are; he played half his games in Shea Stadium, a pitcher's park, had a sprained thumb for some of the year, and still slugged .512 on the road. I've got a post up about it at www.thejuicebox.com, if you're interested.


Thanks, Jack! I only took the most cursory look at Cameron's stats, so I imagined he was much better than the numbers would indicate.


Cameron had offseason wrist surgery and won't be ready for spring training. In the past 8 seasons, playing for 4 different teams, he has never hit better than .267 and never had an OPS above .835 (Jason Lane is .877 in his brief career). He does have speed, and is an excellent defensive CF, but the Mets aren't going to give him up for dog food. They would probably want a couple of our top prospects. I'd rather we passed on both Cameron and Burnitz, but if we are going to acquire one of them, at least Burnitz wouldn't cost us any players, just cash. And he has been a consistent run producer with the glaring exception of 2002.

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