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Dudley Bokoski

"The Sporting News 2005 Scouting Notebook" was able to come up with, "Oddly, Everett broke the same ulna bone Vizcaino had broken the year before." Well, maybe not the SAME bone, but you get the idea. This may start some new kind of wierd malady, positional injury transferrence.


Ausmus is the worst regular in the majors? No way . . . there are plenty of bats as bad as his, and he actually calls a pretty good game behind the plate. I'm surprised BP would write that about him.

And incidentally, you think that "Oswalt could; he has everything it takes to make the same leap Greg Maddux did in 1992 that allowed him to become the best pitcher of the 00s." is bad?

Check this one out. By Adam Rubin of the Daily News, 2/21 (I think - I blogged about it on the 22nd)

PORT ST. LUCIE - Pedro Martinez smiled and waved to fans who cheered him as he walked toward the clubhouse from his car yesterday morning. But when one aggressive heckler blurted, "Who's your daddy," Martinez wasn't amused and grabbed his crotch.


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