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Are you trying some sort of reverse jinx?


I know that disappointment is inevitable, but I'd prefer to be disappointed as late in the summer as possible, so I must hope that the Astros continue to do well. I'm pretty sure that I was wired at an early age for a life strategy that maximizes heartbreak.


"Are you trying some sort of reverse jinx?"

Absolutely not.

But say that I were. Now that you've pointed it out, it wouldn't work now, would it? So good thing I wasn't. Yeah.


"I'm pretty sure that I was wired at an early age for a life strategy that maximizes heartbreak."

Rafe, you old clear-eyed rationalist, like Walt Whitman, you seem to contain multitudes.

Mike in Austin

Would you just cut it out? They won tonight...JEEZ! :)

3 games out of the wild card race is pretty big given the other teams involved.


I'd think it's between the Cubs and Giants but it's way to close for comfort. The Pads are right there with the Fish and Stros lurking.

The difficult part is trailing three teams. All must give ground.

It's things like this where love/hate makes sense. I love a tight race where every game means something but I hate what it could mean.


Three teams ahead of us really mean nothing at this point. SF and SD both face tough schedules the rest of the way... tougher than Houston's anyway.

The Cubs' road is easier than ours, but does anyone else get the sense that that collection of think-skinned whiners lacks the mental toughness to hang on?


who's for real now mr. baseball fan.

12 game winning streak and 20 out of 23.

who's got the wild card now chump?

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