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I know that there's no shortage of prima donnas and hothouse orchids in professional baseball. There never was, and there never will be. Nonetheless, I find it impossible to either understand or empathize with the sentiment of pitching through pain. And I don't mean an ingrown toenail or scraped knee -- although if it's enough to alter a pitching delivery, and hence the spot at which a pitch crosses the plate, it's a factor. For every Curt Schilling who does it successfully (and might I point out that the bloody-sock incident occurred in October, and not May or even July), there are innumerable others who don't. When I see a pitcher go out to the mound and struggle valiantly to pitch through his pain, and subsequently get hammered by the opposing batters, I don't know who to throttle first -- him, the pitching coach, or the manager.


Were the Red Sox at least smart enough to Jon Leiber the deal?


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