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Dudley Bokoski

The Redding trade seems to be more panic than planning. Like giving away the keys to Fort Knox for Clemens, the desparate courtship with Beltran that cost the Astros Jeff Kent, or letting Biggio's past dictate the present lineup it all just has the look of a Barney Fife style of crisis management.

Backup catchers are like nuts and bolts. You go down to the hardware store and there are a million to choose from and they cost about a quarter for a pack of a dozen. Redding has major league innings on his resume and a good deal of unused talent. He should have been good enough to bring in something more than another right handed catcher who can't hit.

Redding will most likely develop into a decent pitcher in San Diego. He may have had a million dollar arm and fifteen cent head, but you don't give up on million dollar arms when a good deal of your pitching staff is considering endorsement offers from Geritol.

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