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Your entry can be likened to a drink of water after a hot, hot sweaty day working outdoors here in Houston (like I just came home from)! Thanks for finally getting around to making another entry, it feels like ages (well, okay, half a month or so) since the last one.

- What did Ron Santo have to say about Nomar?

- Hey now! No Milo bashing. ;_;

- stolen bases = fun, yes. As for Jason Lane... he may not have been happy about the past two seasons, but they WERE just two seasons. Two seasons in a full career (in baseball, at least) are a drop in the bucket. Also, I've heard some people claim that Jason Lane is better off getting to sit and watch the big league pitching and get a few starts here and a few late-inning appearances and ABs there, and kinda learn all he could learn in "stealth mode," so that now he's got a major advantage against these NL pitchers. IOW, people have said that had he just been thrown into the water (like say Luke Scott this year), he might not be doing as well this season... as he is now. So who knows. We can't rewind time and do things differently and find out what would have happened. All we know is that he's not yet 30 and he's doing well and his career is taking flight. Many don't even get that, so... I'm sure he's happy (at last).


Santo is special. Careful, he might convert you.


I think the best part about Jason Lane is that he's never gotten snappy with the media about how he's been strung around by the Astros. Even this spring when he was finally guaranteed a starting spot, he was guardedly optimistic but still just happy to be playing at the major league level. It makes me even happier to see him mashing up here and does add to the sadness that he wasn't able to do it when he was seemingly ready a couple years ago. What a guy.

It's a shame you have to be watching Cubs games. I feel for you. Better than nothing but Mets games though, for the poor Astro fan saps that are stuck in New York (thankfully not me).

It's good to have you back!


I'm with you on Jason Lane -- so happy for him that he's finally playing full-time, in a position to CONTINUE playing full-time, and doing so well. Every time I've heard him or read a quote by him, he just seems like an all-around good guy, and very humble. It's about time he got his due.

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