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Willy T's throw in the 8th was indeed great. For some reason I thought he had no arm on him, but apparently he does. Lane's catch was also great, although if he had muffed it, it would have gone to the wall and 2 runs would have scored. On the other hand, Ausmus' strikeout in the 7th (maybe the 6th) looked really weak; why am I not surprised.

Note to all: If you're in NYC and need to watch the Astros, go to O'Connell's on Broadway and 108th St. If Mike is bartending, he'll be happy to put the game on if it isn't already. (He had 8 separate games on at one point tonight.) If Aisleigh's there, well, she's not a baseball fan, but she'll put it on anyway.


I can tell that loss hurt. Excellent writing.


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