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Your writing is amazing!

You need a book angle.


Another great piece, Hirsch.

Roger seems to have hit a bizarre streak where he pitches shut-out ball for 7 innings, but the opposing pitcher is just as good and the Stros lose 1-0 in extra innings. Three games of this crap in a row, can you believe. Once against Ishii in New York (which I attended), then Hudson and the Bravos, and now agent Mulder.

It's gotta suck something fierce to pitch like that and get no support.

Bidge's bat looked okay in the game I saw at Shea, but his defense was shoddy that night.


Further proof that Clemens needs to spend more time at BP. He wouldn't have to worry about getting run support if he'd jack a couple of pitches.

How can a guy be so awesome and only be 1-0 right now? At this rate, he'll be the first Cy Young Winner with under 5 wins.


As a Cardinal fan, I'll stick my head in and say that most of us like Busch stadium (the current one) as well. Actually, the current owners have done a great job over the last 10 years making it as nice as it is. (added grass, brought in the fences a little, changed the color scheme from blue to green, added the manual scoreboards, etc.)

In fact - they did such a nice job of making it look nice that most Cardinal fans still don't understand the need for a new stadium. But, since the owners are paying for the bulk of it - well, whatever.


i was at that game too, (my last one at the old busch, i was visiting from nyc and won't be back until winter) and i thought the stadium looked really neglected. (so i didn't feel so bad taking a leak on it). i don't think i've ever seen grass look so bad in a pro ball park. plus everything was just dirty. this is probably the desired thought that cards are going for, but i never had a problem with busch until i saw it next to it's soon to be replacement. by the way, who has a worse swing, cedeno or randy johnson?


Whether or not the Cards were in the 2004 Series is kind of an open question in general, I think.

The Bench Jockey

As a Cards fan I can't understand anyone enjoying watching a game in the Concrete Oven that is Busch Stadium. It's a football stadium masquerading as a baseball stadium. It's been dressed up to look like a ballpark, but it's a stadium in a ballparks clothes. It's a dump and it's time to go. Sightlines are lousy, and I mean awful. It's past time for this hulk of a cookie cutter to go. Good riddance to bad stadiums. I'd love to be the one to push the plunger when they bring it down. No tears will be shed by me when it goes.

However, the Fans make the place special. Since they're going next door, it'll be even more fun to go to a game. I say this because I live about halfway between St. Louis and Kansas City. Kauffman is a great place to watch a game, but the fan vibe is much different and not nearly as passionate about the game itself. Coming from elsewhere, these are things I noticed a long time ago. Like Hirsh, I dunno if Cards fans are the best in The Bigs, but they sure are passionate about the game and do pay attention quite well.

I've gotta agree with Nancy. Your writing is terrific. It's something I look forward to and hope you keep on doing.


Looks like Clemens has been cursed by Randy Johnson for stealing his Cy Young last year.


Bench, as a Cubs fan I can say I look forward to new articles here more than anywhere.

And my stupid Cubs just lost. I think I might roll the dice and see what Zambrano can get me on the trade market during the season. The guy just ain't right.


Your thoughts on this game remind me of my thoughts on this one: http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/recap?gameId=230613110. Although I was disappointed in the outcome from a Cards fan perspective, I'll always be able to tell people I was there for Clemens 300th victory and 4000th strikeout.

As for Busch, I'm not sure whether to be happy or sad to see it go. As The Bench Jockey already pointed out, it's more of a wannabe baseball stadium, but on the other hand, it's not so bad, and there are a lot of good memories there. I'll miss the arches around the top, but I look forward to the better seating arrangements. Why are they really getting rid of it? Money, plain and simple. The new stadium will have more private boxes, where the real money is made. That's why the owners are willing to pay for nearly all of the construction themselves - they know they'll make it back and more in due time.

Lastly, sure April is cold here in St. Louis, but who *doesn't* like the feeling of a hand on his/her ass?

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