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While the Astro's suck and I don't even consider them to be a baseball team, no one who blogs baseball is 1/10 you. That's why I read.

(So I'm a few days late.)

Excellent as always.


For several years, I was fortunate to be one of the co-workers TLAG refers to discussing every aspect of baseball. Sometimes we would break on a nice hot, muggy h-town day for some midafternoon catch out behind the building. It's true, she really does throw like a girl. Baseball is somehow the glue that binds us and for that I'm greatful. I remember encouraging her to sit in a chair and listen to the sound of Milo to calm her during a particualr panic attack. Ahhhh...those surely were the days. The sounds of TLAG screaming loudly as the Stros would score a run during a day game against the Cards thus making a particular J crazy with rage. Best wishes to you TLAG and I look forward to meeting you in St Louie!

For the record, even though I had to move a thousand miles before you would share the BLOG, I truley enjoy the read. Every time I read it I imagine you there in your office with the sounds of Trex grunting off in the background and all your pitchers cards lined up on your monitor in order of rotation. Keep up the fun reading and see you soon!

Hugs, kisses and a lap dance or two,


Nancy: "While the Astro's suck and I don't even consider them to be a baseball team"

... hey now... what'd they ever do to you? (sniff)

Anywho, heh... good to know that the best Astros blogger isn't taking all the karma with her to STL or CHI, so I appreciate knowing that, thanks. :::nods:::

Anyway, 7-3 loss... sure, sure... 4-1 WIN (with Pettitte on the mound, no less) the very next day makes all the pain go away. God, I love baseball.

lisa gray

ensberg has looked a lot better in the past 2 games (with the glove)

biggio isn't missing any plays (so far) - yeah, he don't look like he did 10 years ago but don't none of us. unless he stops hitting, burke ain't gonna get much time

bagwell's "new swing" ain't working...

jason lane looks great with bat and glove.
taveras looks great with bat and glove but needs to work on baserunning
luke scott is lookin better every game - bat AND glove

Mike Canter

I love your site. Stumbled across it looking for info on Morgan Ensberg, who is my new $12 utility player. Ugh. Anyway, if you need good seats at Wrigley when you are in town drop me a line.


Mabry was a full-time player in St. Louis from '05 to '08. That fan probably got his t-shirt back then. Plus, we Cards fans tend to fall in love with players that play hard, regardless of talent level (See "Hart, Bo" and "McEwing, Joe").

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