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I had sort of a similar Pirates experience yesterday, but it was in the form of TV commercials on the Extra Innings package, with Jason Bay and Jack Wilson being promoted like superstars. It shook me to my core, and I realized that the world probably isn't fair. Some people are giddy about Jack Wilson.

Also, I think Carpenter is STL's best pitcher. But I might be stupid, so when Carpenter stinks and Mulder is great, that's my excuse.


Hirsch, Hang in there.

David Brooks is a twit.

I moved from Houston to New York City 12 years ago, and I'm still an Astros fan. Yes, I root for the Yankees now, but they're in other league so it doesn't matter. (Last years playoffs just hurt twice as much.) And yes, I rooted for the Astros when they played the Yanks in interleague 2 years ago.

I use to worry that come the day Bags and Biggio retire I'd give up on 'em because there'd no longer be anyone I remembered on the team, but if you can catch the team at a real game now and again, you find new players to connect too. Right now, that's Oswalt for me. I saw him clock the Mets a couple years ago and it was a thing of joy and beauty.

Have fin at the game tonight.

The Bench Jockey


Best of luck in your move. As to what value you have in the Baseball Blogosphere, look at it this way; Not everyone can write about Standard Deviants and Meanies and other Statistical Gobbledeygook. The flip side of that is that not everyone can write with wit and passion about their favorite team. As not every fan is a Stat Obsessed Wonk, it also goes without saying that not every fan views things the way you do. The Bench Jockey considers you to be required reading, simply because he likes your style. Keep it up...


Good luck with the move, Hirsch, and with the new job. May you thrive and prosper, and have more fun with it than anyone should for paid work. As for what you contribute with your blog, just remember that baseball is many things. Certainly, it's a vast forest planted thick with statistics, fun to navigate through with the aid of Sabrmetrics, pythagoreans, and the like. But it's also a huge industry, a showcase of physics, and a microcosm of American history. And it's also art, and art, like any beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. There's no measuring the value of articulate, intelligent, and downright entertaining beholders such as you. Once you get settled, for goodness' sake keep writing, whether it's about the Astros or the Midwest League or the kids on your block playing pick-up games in the street. We'll be reading.


Well, I enjoyed reading your musings, worries, and joy last season, so I think that's enough to base a baseball blog upon... Whether or not the writer of such a blog is seeing more Astros games in person than I am or not doesn't matter a damned bit to me, personally... nor does whether they spout way too many stats or not... nor does their location (though "Undisclosed Midwestern Location" sounds a bit suspicious to me... are we talking either Chicago or St. Louis here? Heh).

So anyway, keep on talking about the Astros, as long as they're playing and you're following them. I'll keep on enjoying reading your entries about them. What more is there to online communication, eh?

Tom S.

I found your blog by accident, but became an instant fan. A dense fan, but a fan nonetheless (you see, it was months before I figured out why you called it "throws like a girl." Even though I'm married to a wonderful woman who is a die-hard Cubs fan, I fell into the stupid baseball-blogs-are-written-by-guys thing. Color me stupid).

It's the writing. The humor. The writing. The passion. The writing. (Did I mention the writing?) That's why it's a great blog, and that's why it's going to remain one, even from the Undisclosed Midwestern Location.

I've been an expatriate Astros fan for nearly 20 years. I worked for them in the Box Office through high school and part of college, but decided I needed to get the hell out of Texas. It's been OK. I've lived near Atlanta, in Philadelphia, and now in Cincinnati, but really rooting for another team never seems to be in the cards. Now that I've married into the Cubs I follow them more than I ever did before, but when the Astros and Cubs play we watch in separate rooms. One time we were visiting my mother in Houston when the Cubs were in town. Even scored Crawford Box seats. It was no fun -- divided loyalties and all that. We both enjoy cheering against the Reds (except Shaun Casey, because he's a class act. And Wiley Mo Pena because his name is Wiley Mo Pena).

Anyway, the Undisclosed Midwestern Location doesn't seem to have a MLB club, which means it likely has a minor league club. I *highly* recommend it for soaking in The Game live. Reds fans are so insufferable we've given up going to GABP when the Astros or Cubs are in town, but we're an hour away from Lexington (the Astros Sally League affiliate) and a bit more from Louisville and Indy. If we lived on the north side of town we could get to Dayton to see the Dragons, but we live on the south side so we have the non-affiliated Frontier League Florence Freedom to watch. Every play an adventure.

So best of luck on the move. I look forward to reading about your further adventures and insights into the Astros and baseball. And if the UML is anywhere close to Cincinnati, consider this an invitation to join us at any of the myriad places there are to catch a ball game.

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