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Oh, no, I'm in last place. The question now: do I bench Mark Prior today, because he is facing The Only Astro I Will Ever Love, or do I play him, and try to get some fucking points back?

It's a tough decision to make.


You play them both, obviously. Just because you stand to benefit from a rough outing for the Only Astro et cetera is no reason not to reap the benefits of having ole Calves o' Thunder on your team.


Wait a second. I forgot that Oswalt was a Darling. But so long as you are hoping for a Wood-like outing -- lots of strikeouts except when the Astros are knocking the ball all over the park -- it is okay with me.




To quote my niece... OMG, OMG.


That is what I get for starting Prior today, after all.

Cubdom Byron

Ron Santo is the good kind of homer, a man with a simple heart who just wants his beloved team to win. This homer-ism expresses itself in grumbling about the fans in other towns, the ballparks in other towns, the weather in other towns.

There is nothing more enjoyable than hearing Ron Santo on the one road trip he makes each year to New York. To hear him tell it, Shea is made completely of steaming dog crap... anybody who ever put a Mets uniform is scum... its good stuff.


Having lived in the Chicago 'burbs between 1995 and 2004 (and being a Cardinal fan) I truly understand how horrible Ron Santo actually is as an announcer.

My favorite Ron Santo moment - other than Brant Brown's dropped fly ball in 1998 - was last year, Cubs vs. White Sox. Timo Perez hit a home run, and Santo started going on and on (for 3 innings at least) about Timo's on-field antics, how he was a hot dog, etc. When I see the re-play, what had Timo done? An impersonation of Sammy Sosa's after HR ritual. Gee, Ron, way to call it both ways....

Unfortunately, he's probably a nice guy. But man - can he rub one the wrong way!

Cubdom Byron

I don't think there is a person in this world that could tell you he is (still) a good color-man with a straight face.

I thought he used to be pretty good in the mid-90's, but he has since stopped doing any kind of research before the games...

But people love him because he's Ron Santo, because he's got a great story, and because people identify with him. We're all Ron Santo's inside. Forget the objective stuff, forget knowledge of the game, you only need to know one thing: If its good for your team, then thats the way it happened, and its right. If its not good for your team, then it didn't happen that way, and the call was wrong.

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